About Us

Located in Mono, Ontario, since 1990 our shop and studio is open year-round for visitors. Stop in and take in our gardens, or occasionally spot wildlife along the Nottawasaga river that cuts through our property. If you're lucky you might stop by while we're firing and get a glimpse of works in process.
Our pieces are handmade stoneware fired in a gas kiln. This high-temperature firing makes a sturdy, reliable product. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.
The founder of Farmhouse Pottery and our head potter; Al has been creating beautiful pottery for over 40 years, and spends his summers up in the Northwest Territories guiding trips with his other company Canoe North Adventures.
307114 Hockley Rd, Mono, ON L9W 6N6
Open 10-5 every day.