Allan Pace is a studio potter creating stoneware, porcelain and raku pottery in the Hockley Valley just outside of Toronto. A potter for twenty-six years, Al creates colourful glaze effects on a variety of pottery for the home, garden and business. His vases, urns, lamps platters and bowls grace any home with a unique, one-of-a-kind statement. Garden accessories include birdbaths, planters and “canoe” vessels. These items are high-fired which makes them incredibly durable and strong.

The Province of Ontario gave gifts from Al’s studio to Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul on their visits to Canada. The Queen received a large wall platter with a loon carved in relief on its face and the Pope received a “canoe” vessel with Canadian geese flying across its rim.

Some of his pottery incorporates a wilderness theme inspired by his travels in the far north of Canada. Caribou, moose, loons, bears, wolves and wilderness themes decorate large wall platters, “canoe” vessels, urns and vases.

Al makes a line of functional pottery including mugs, tumblers, goblets, plates, bowls, canisters and casseroles all available at his studio gallery.